A highly valued objective for the Kilchoan Melfort Trust is to enrich and be part of the creation of well-connected and cooperative communities.

Community Based Monitoring


A highly valued objective for the Kilchoan Melfort Trust is to enrich and be part of the creation of well-connected and cooperative communities. We seek to have a positive and meaningful contribution to the local area. We work hard to establish ties with the local community through a range of active and passive actions.

Our members of staff enrich rural communities by supporting local business, schools and services in the area. We support local charities and community events through attendance and participation as well as through donations.

We are assisted by members of the local community on projects; the oyster monitoring being a great example, a fiercely dedicated team of residents can be found on the shores of Loch Melfort at least once every four months checking up on the release sites, collecting data and forming relationships that otherwise may not have been forged. We are eternally grateful to the enthusiastic and committed group of local volunteers who donate time monitoring and caring for the oysters released around the Loch. They are a testament to the level of commitment, care, and interest that they feel for the area in which they live. Kilninver primary school have assisted release 6500 oysters on one of the release sites, an event we will repeat every year to engage the next generation in the conservation and preservation of their world.

Raleigh international volunteers


Education is considered one of the most powerful tools for successful ecological restoration and conservation. By involving a range of people from a range of backgrounds, in a variety of projects we enhance the understanding of and appreciation for the local ecosystems.

From primary schools to universities and international research projects, we collaborate with scientists & students of all ages from across Europe. We regularly host work experience students and help supervise onsite research projects relating to the natural world. We supply accommodation and support and can contribute to expenses for research projects that relate to our activities. There is immense value in the work and study that is undertaken by our collaborators, which helps guide and inform the management of the precious eco-systems at Kilchoan.

Saccharina latissema

Kilchoan Estate Pilot Seaweed farm

Kilchoan Estate operates a small-scale IMTA (integrated multi-trophic aquaculture) farm that has demonstrated the viability of growing seaweed and native oysters in Loch Melfort since 2021. Scaling up the cultivation over Kilchoans full lease area and redesigning a handful of key infrastructure components can demonstrate that aquaculture on the west coast of Scotland can be reliable, accessible, scalable and – crucially – profitable with more efficient seeding, deployment and harvesting methods. At the same time, a minimal footprint can be maintained while increasing ecosystem services including water quality remediation, carbon sequestration and biodiversity support. The pilot farm will offer the opportunity to experiments such as finding the optimal growing depth, seeding and harvesting techniques and other applied research. Coupled with open-source designs, methods and data, a successful pilot farm will provide a template for additional farms in Scotland and beyond, catalysing the industry and driving further investment in regenerative marine projects.


Click below to see and hear more about the vision and importance of our IMTA regenerative seaweed farm. This video will give a better understanding and view of the harvest of our 2023-2024 seaweed farm.


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To read more about these programs check out the REWILDING BLOGS, written by those who have taken part.