‘Hope Spot Argyll’ snorkelling residency

In August 2023 I travelled to Scotland once more to work with the organisers of the ‘Hope Spot Argyll’ snorkelling residency. I am an experienced free-diver and underwater artist so was asked to show the resident artists how to draw whilst snorkelling.

We used waterproof drawing pads and graphite sticks/wax crayons to draw and write down our observations. The artists snorkelled by the boathouse jetty which was teeming with marine life, we also went to a nearby location where we observed other species in deeper water.

Pete from ‘Heart of Argyll Wildlife’ spent a day with us. He brought tanks to which we transferred finds we collected from the loch. Marnik brought us a curled octopus which was found in one of his creels. It was a great opportunity for us to observe and learn about local species and to sketch them at close hand.

Marnik spent an afternoon talking to us about his native oyster restoration work at Kilchoan and his seaweed project/multi trophic farming.

Our final get together at Kilchoan was very memorable – an evening of Gaelic singing and an informative talk about Gaelic culture and language.